About Us

Have you just fought Friday’s traffic for the past two hours and cooking is the last thing you feel like doing? Is it one of those nights when you feel the need for a wholesome dinner experience without any fuss? Then, Café D Freo, located in the heart of Fremantle, and which specializes in serving homemade fresh pasta is the place you want to go.

With a variety of dishes, Café D Freo is the place to get amongst in Fremantle crowd.

Café d freo customers has been telling by many varieties of dishes that challenge you to select one. There is nothing fancy in the pasta we make. Just a combination of old-fashioned bases dating to the old ways and generous additions of herbs, cheese, vegetables, meat and fresh seafood.  If the pasta turns out light for you, we recommend, the Café D Freo seafood platter of fish, baby calamari and prawn served with homemade aioli and battered chips.  The restaurant also features special menu offered periodically with respect to the season and offers something different from the menu mainstays. The best dishes in such occasions include: A variety of traditional homemade pappardelle, served with slow cooked pork jus, garlic, vermouth, peas and evo.

A secured parking space, warm reception, friendly staff, cool jazz and outdoor sitting set the mood for an enjoyable and tasty dining experience using the best and unique local flavors of chargrill cooking. Book for space to settle for a long boozy dining experience.